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Sheikh Shams Azam

M.S/Ph.D Student, Purdue ECE

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MOOC Courses

  • Machine Learning, Coursera: Solutions to the problems posed in the Coursera course by Dr. Andrew Ng. [certificate] [github]

Machine Learning Projects

  • Medical Contextual Highlighter: Highlight Medical Concepts Using LSTM-Ngram Network. Won 2nd Prize at Practo Open Hackathon. [github]
  • ICD-10 Data Scraper: Code to Scrape Data from [github]
  • Privacy GANs: Implementation of Paper “Towards Generalized and Distributed Privacy-Preserving Representation Learning”. [github]
  • Federate to Fog Learning: Implementation of Paper “Multi-Stage Hybrid Federated Learning over Large-Scale Wireless Fog Networks”. [github]
  • Dockerized Environment for ML: Dockerized implementation to setup python ML environment with support for Torch, Tensorflow and other commonly used libraries. [github]
  • IndiaHacks 2017: Solution to problems posed at India Hacks 2017 organized by Hackerearth. Secured 46th All-India rank. [github]

Other Projects

  • Tesseract 4 API: RESTful implementation of Tesseract 4 functionalities using Flask. [github]
  • Serverless on Docker: Dockerized implementation of serverless functions on AWS. [github]
  • Github Pages V2: Dockerized implementation of github pages with Medium flavor. [github]
  • Github Pages V1: Dockerized implementation of light github pages from scratch. [github]
  • Flask Application Starter: Flask application using docker running on Uwsgi. [github]